Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Not only disturb the appearance, health-threatening obesity, too. Perform the following steps and say goodbye to overweight.

- Limit calories
Basically, in order not to overweight we "only" need to consume foods with lower calories than the calories burned.

- Drinking water
Usually within a day if you can spend a glass of juice, soda, or alcoholic beverages, from now replace with water. With this simple way is to reduce your calorie intake per day.

- Sports 15-20 minutes.
If you have a problem with weight, you usually also have a problem with exercise habits. Maybe it's because you're too push. Enough exercise for 15 minutes every day will burn 100-150 calories, depending on weight and metabolism.

- Replace snacks
Potato chips, fries, and other snack foods contain calories is not small. If you're used to snacking all day, replace it with vegetables or fruit. Stay away from all sugar-rich snacks such as donuts, chocolate, or ice cream.

- Having sex
Having sex with a partner is one of physical activity not only fun, but can also burn calories. But of course you can not just do it for 3 minutes, but 15 minutes. If done every day, the number of calories burned reaches 150.

- Healthy Breakfast
Skipping breakfast can actually make the body weak and very hungry in the afternoon. Choose a healthy breakfast, such as vegetable sandwiches or oatmeal.

- Reduce the butter
Reduce customs buttering bread or other foods because you can reduce 200-300 calories per day.

- Eat slowly
Enjoy every mouthful and chew food slowly so you feel full faster. If you are still tempted to spend a meal again, wait 20 minutes, usually the hunger will disappear.


Younger Tips

Younger Tips

Being a parent is something we can not avoid, but it's going to grow old too soon is a very frustrating thing. Many ways made both men and women to get a white skin, smooth and youthful. With a healthy skin and young people will be more confident in relationships. Here are tips for inhibiting the aging process itself : 

1. Use sunglasses if you are out of the house to protect the eyes and the area around your eyes from sun exposure to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes.
2. Do not smoke! Smoking can cause your skin to age more quickly because of damage to blood vessels serving the skin. Smoking also increases your risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, smoking also inhibits the wound healing process in skin and disturb your skin's ability to return to normality.
3. Eat healthy. Expand the consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, fiber and unsaturated fats, so you will wake up the skin's health. Avoid excessive sugar consumption. Do not forget to take anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.
4. Do not forget to always take care of your skin. Do this routine every day. Clean the dirt with soap, then add a moisturizer so your skin will always be maintained. Do not use hazardous materials and no proven usefulness for skin health.
5. Sleep enough. With enough sleep then you will improve skin health, overall body health and mental health.
6. Avoid stress. Stress is very bad effect on your body's system. We have a lot of things that can cause stress such as employment issues, social and pollution. Some ways to avoid stress is with exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.. You can also plan to make a holiday or recreation to avoid stress.
7. Treat the area around the eyes gently. Use a special cream for your skin type.
8. Do not make unnecessary action against the skin. If you want to scrub, do it with careful so that your skin is not undermined by harsh.

If you are still not satisfied with these tips, please contact the clinic or doctor's beauty in the city nearest you.


Green Marketing

Green Marketing 
Current environmental issue is of particular concern for the people of the world. With the environmental damages that occurred due to human activity that make exploitation of natural products and the lack of development and environmentally unfriendly. Tangible evidence of environmental damage can be seen from the impact of floods, hurricanes and global warming at this time we feel. Much we can do to make our earth green and still be comfortable to be occupied. Green Marketing is one of them.

Green marketing is a marketing concept that is growing now, along with the rise of the global warming issue. Here we mention three easy steps to implement green marketing, and this will provide benefits if done correctly.

To be successful, green marketing effectively and provide benefits, you must do three things: 1. Consistent; 2. Give understanding and environmental education to the customer; and 3. Give your customers the opportunity to participate.

1. Consistent.
What do you have a campaign and make sure that your business truly environmentally friendly.

2. Give understanding and environmental education to customers.
Provide understanding and environmental education to customers not only telling you what you're doing but also you have to explain to them why it needs to be done.

3. Give your customers the opportunity to participate.
Provide opportunities for customers to participate from the green marketing movement you are doing, at least so they felt played a role and has done to the environment.

Here is an example that we can do in performing greenmarketing:

If we have a mini market / grocery store or related to the sale and purchase and packing material is usually used as a plastic bag. You know that plastic bags take a long time before finally falling perfectly, because you are a businessman who cares about the environment and to reduce environmental pollution so you do not use plastic bags as wrapping for these reasons.

With potential customers, the idea will get a good chance.

The first step is being consistent on what you kampanyekan, you must ensure that your business does not conflict with the campaign to reduce plastic bag usage.

Easy course, what if your customers through the store and see your trash can filled with plastic bags, waste paper and plastic bottles? Of course they will assume that you are not serious in implementing green marketing.

Not using plastic bags does not mean green marketing steps you're done. You still need to give meaning to the consumer that one plastic bag takes thousands of years before finally unraveled. Not everyone knows this, and by explaining his hope is to start switching customers to use other packaging. In this opportunity you let customers know that you care about these issues.

By shopping at your store, let them know that they had committed acts of nature preserve one of which was by not using plastic bags. Although not a big impression, but let them feel have helped save the earth by not using plastic. From here other opportunities will open wide.

You also can provide solutions to your customers like to buy cloth bags for shopping and time.

Good tips on green marketing brings enlightenment to us and more concerned about the environment. Let us create a clean environment and a friendly business environment.


Sex sexy woman

Sex sexy woman

Few tips for women or for husbands who want a partner remain hot in bed. MANY women sexual desires began to dim after birth, a variety of reasons ranging from protecting children, home, and business offices as they launched reluctant to make love. Come exciting back your sex to maintain romantic relationships and family life.

Here are tips to make her stay hot even though the day filled with activities:

1. Sports

Olahrga help women increase their sexual desire. Why? First, we judge ourselves better, so we'll feel more comfortable when having sex with a partner. Second, according to Debbie Mandel, author of Turn on Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind, and Soul, exercise releases hormones that can increase libido.

2. `Dig a sensual side

Remove the bustle of your daily routine with a relaxing holiday or with your partner and continue to explore the sensual side that you have.

Tip: buy a sexy lingerie or something that makes the difference from the usual and put on the bed with your partner.

3. Comfortable with yourself

when women have children they felt had become a real woman and it became the pride of its own. these conditions has increased female sexual rat after giving birth because there is a positive side in the assessment of yourself and more confident when dealing with a partner

4. Try it, you'll love

Sleep, relax and do not want to be disturbed, it is characteristic of young mothers today if they have little time to spare. Nothing wrong with it at a time when the opportunity to try a relationship with a partner, would get something different and certainly you will like it. Try

A good sex life will impact a harmonious family relationships and romantic. Give a little kiss and a greeting of affection and love will excite your sexual relationship that began wearily. Make sure that you are having sex at the time and place : )

Many factors that affect your sexual relationships become lethargic and less passionate. Know yourself, know your partner, try to keep romance in words and actions, and if you've done it all and no progress, please consult your doctor


Synopsis Sang Pemimpi

Another offering of the nation's children, a film which tells about the friendship. an Indonesian film adaptation of the novel Laskar Pelangi tetralogy second, Sang Pemimpi, by Andrea Hirata.

* Director: Riri Riza
Producer: Mira Lesmana

* Author: Salman Aristo, Riri Riza, Mira Lesmana
Music: Said Effendi
Distributor: Miles Films and Mizan Production
Released: December 17, 2009
Duration: 120 mins
Language: Indonesian


In the film Sang Pemimpi, Andrea hirata tells of life as high school days. The three main characters are Ikal, Arai and si kuda.     Ikal-alter is Egon of Andrea Hirata. Arai-distant relatives of orphaned sempei keramat called because the last family member still alive, and eventually become sworn brothers and Jimbron-an orphan who was obsessed with horses and stutter when enthusiastic about something or when nervous.
They  (dead?) In the story of friendship that exists from childhood until they went to high school Bukan Main, the first high school who stood at the eastern Belitung Islands. School in the mornings and worked as a porter at a fish port in the early morning, from their addiction hot movies in theaters and finally caught their tutor, with Ikal, Jimbron separation and Arai who will continue studying in Jakarta, which ultimately makes them both separately but still will meet in France. Independent living separately from their parents with the background economic conditions are very limited but has great ideals, the ideals which when viewed from the background of their lives, only a dream.


Tips Register Blog On Search Engine

Tips Register Blog On Search Engine

In order to blog that we made known and read by Internet users, there are many ways that we can do. Some of them are doing blogwalking, leaving a trail in the shoutbox or comment booked. Now Internet users searching for what they need through search engine services. To have visitors at our blog we have to increasingly work with search engines is to introduce our blog search engine. Below are some ways that we can do to make our blog indexed by search engines crowded visited by netter.

Google is a search engine most used by Internet users. Click to register http://www.google.com/addurl/ web / blog us.
- Fill blog URL
- Fill code verification
- Then press the button Add URL
- Completed

This address to the list on Yahoo! https: / / siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com / submit
- Must have an account on Yahoo
- Log In Yahoo
Fill Form: Submit website and Sumbit Site Feed.
- Sumbit Website content just with your blog's URL as a http://tutorial-jitu.blogspot.com gw, - Submit Site Feed Just insert your feed address, or you can add atom.xml

 On MSN click http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx?FORM=WSDD2

Help Using List Web Submitter
To register for the various search engines at once you can use the link below. Web Submitter will help you sign up for more than 30 search engines at once, so be very save you time. Here are the links:
- http://freewebsubmission.com/
- http://websitesubmit.hypermart.net/
- http://www.submitexpress.com/